About the Artist

Penny began drawing on the back of outdated wallpaper books at six in her mother’s design studio.  There she developed an appreciation for design, fine art and furnishings.  She received her BFA from Cornish Institute in Seattle, WA. and began a rewarding career in commercial design where she collaborated with architects, artists, and craftsmen.  This laid the foundation for her original fine art today.

The artist reveals her self in this paragraph.  “Art is wonderfully seductive for me.  It continues to pull me deeper into its fold. I don’t feel tied to one medium; I’m convinced it strengthens all my work.  I enjoy drawing, painting, and printing equally.  Art and the human experience are inseparable for me.  This spirit/passion can motivate, inspire, uplift, bring joy or sorrow, become iconic, exquisite, grotesque and for some immortal.  Art is all these things for me”.

Her work reflects her sympathy for distressed cultures, environments and animals. And a passion for the human figure.  She prefers using environmentally friendly paints and recycling.  And annually donates her work to local nonprofits.

She lives with husband of 50 years on the Willapa Bay in Long Beach, WA.  They own Treat & Treat Designers, LLP.  Penny’s work can be seen at River Sea Gallery in Astoria, Oregon, Luisa Mack Gallery in Ilwaco, Washington and here on the web at PennyTreat.com.